Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines have become omnipotent in the e-commerce game. Actinsoft’s SEO team makes sure that you stay at the top of this game by perfecting on-page and off- page optimization. Quality and error-free content are quintessential to increase your website traffic. Along with creative and unique images, quality content will put you on the map and eventually increase your keyword ranking.  And you can trust us, to do just that. Creating search engine friendly content and targeting a specific audience is our strong suit. Engage the tech savvy brilliance of Actionsoft SEO team and let your product/service reach millions.

Search Engine Marketing

Creating an effective campaign is only the tip of a very large iceberg called Search Engine Marketing. Online ads are directed at the specific audience to increase PPC count and eventually you will notice an upsurge in ROI. Our SEM team has mastered the art of creating relevant and useful content that earns a place in Search Engine’s good books and eventually decrease the maximum PPC bid. We promise you, Effective campaigns, Top- notch content and a significant upsurge in Website traffic. Our ultimate aim is to increase the ROI of your business by increasing your quality score with a nominal bidding budget. Join hands with our competent SEM team to kick-start a successful digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Creating a brand and inducing that sense of familiarity about the product in the customer’s mind, is no child’s play. With millions of blogs and creatives posted online every day, it is imperative to engage the audience with unique and riveting content from your side. This process can be time-consuming and exhausting. Leave it to Actinsoft’s SMM team and wait for the number of likes on your Facebook page skyrocket to the peak.  We manage all your social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc. by posting exciting content that will make a mark in the customer’s mind and subsequently boosts your image. Go viral with Actinsoft’s Social Media Marketing team.

Online Reputation Management

Customer service is a two-way street. The customer laying down their queries and the manufacturer/service providers addressing them punctually. Now that social media is omnipresent and vicious, it is important to give a prompt reply to your customer in time or the consequences can be pretty grave. Our Online Reputation Management team makes sure that your image isn’t tarnished by baseless, negative comments. At the same time, we ensure that your repute will be preserved by attending to every demand of the customer. A customer in today’s world is hard to please but join hands with Actinsoft’s ORM team to sweep your customer off their feet.

App Store Optimization

The entire world operates on mobile phones and it only makes sense for you to provide your service/product in the form of a mobile application. In addition to designing a compact and user-friendly Mobile App, optimization is equally important. We at Actinsoft offer App store optimization services that will make your App outshine by improving Keyword rankings, Ratings, Reviews and ultimately the number of downloads. With catchy App descriptions and screenshots that tell a story, join with Actinsoft’s ASO team to see a significant upshot in the number of conversions.

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